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Viewing an active review cycle's details
Viewing an active review cycle's details

Learn what you see when a review cycle is live

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To view the active reviews cycles navigate to Admin > Review Cycles.

You will be presented with an overview of all review cycles in your company, regardless of it's current state.

Clicking on a cycle in this list will have a different action depending on it's state.

Clicking on a draft cycle will bring you to the create form with all the saved details filled in already.

Clicking on any other state of cycle will open a screen showing a detailed view of steps and participants.

As a cycle progresses, this view will update to reflect how many people have started or completed writing their reviews.

Each tile also acts as a filter so you can quickly find out who has yet to respond to any steps and take the necessary actions to notify them.

You can click on any person in the list to view more detail about their responses to each step in the cycle.

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