To view the active reviews cycles navigate to 'Admin > Review Cycles'. From here choose which review cycle you'd like to view.

Review Cycles will be in one of three states states in Frankli. Active (Green), Scheduled (Amber) or Completed (Grey).

You can only see feedback data on Active and Completed Review Cycles and not Scheduled.

Once you've selected the active review cycle you're interested in you'll see the view below:

Here you can see the:

  • The name of the review cycle, step involved and due dates associated with each step

  • The number and names of people in the review cycle

  • The real-time status of each persons review

  • Each persons progress against their self-reflection, their Managers review & any peer reviews.

This view will update in real-time as participants in the review cycle make updates. The relevant boxed tiles also act as filters for each of the view. Simply hover over and click on the box you want to view

You can also hover over any person in the view above and click through to a more detail view of responses in each step that forms part of the overall review cycle.

At all times the relevant breadcrumbs across the top of the page you are viewing will help you navigate back to where you came from at ease.

What Next?

How to edit a Review Cycle

Here you can find all our FAQ's on Review Cycles.

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