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August 2022 Frankli Updates
August 2022 Frankli Updates
An overview of some recent updates to Frankli
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In August 2022, some useful enhancements were made to Frankli, including a number of updates to 1:1 Meetings.

  • You can now create a flexible 1:1 Meeting series. This is an open-ended 1:1 Meeting series that allows participants to start their meeting at any time.

  • You can now retrieve data from Zendesk through Frankli's Zendesk integration.

  • You can now use bullet points and numbered lists in responses to 1:1 Meeting talking points, along with other formatting options like bolding and italicising text.

  • Frankli Admins can now rename the Site category, for example, changing it from Site Goals to Office.

  • Frankli Admins can now apply unlimited date ranges to Review steps.

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