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Q4 2021 Product Releases
Q4 2021 Product Releases
Here's a snapshot of new product updates and fixes either in flight or we've released in the fourth quarter of 2021.
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New Functionality

Watch Colm from our team introduce some of the recent updates to 1:1 meetings in Frankli.

  • Recurring 1:1 meetings - you can now easily schedule many 1:1 meetings with the same participant with no restrictions.

  • Custom frequency within 1:1 meetings - new custom frequencies are now available when setting up your 1:1 meetings in Frankli.

  • Google calendar integration within 1:1 meetings - when logged in with your Google credentials, you can see both your own and your recipients availability from directly google calendar in the 1:1 meeting create.

  • External Links - when you now copy external links (Google docs, etc..) into talking points or share as a note via a text editor in Frankli, they will automatically open in a new tab by default.


  • Improvement updates to assessment groups UI when creating a performance review cycle.

  • Fixes in place for a number of small visual defects.

  • Enhancements to custom surveys reporting and the ability to now save custom surveys as drafts.

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