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Q3 2021 Product Releases
Q3 2021 Product Releases
Here's a snapshot of new product updates and fixes we've released in the third quarter of 2021.
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New Functionality

  • PDF export of review cycles: For managers and admins, we introduced better reporting with the ability to export review cycle data to PDF format.

  • Mobile Ready: optimising work done on core functionality in Frankli to be mobile ready when accessed via a browser on mobile.

  • Azure Active Directory Integration - offering the ability to synchronise user provisioning directly between Frankli & Active Directory.

  • Review Cycles Admin Improvements - this update included changes to increasing the limit of text responses when submitting a performance review, introducing the ability to un-submit a manager review, ability to view admin activity, as-well as improving visibility in calibrations and this workflow.

  • PeopleHR Integration - extending on our integration strategy we delivered a customer led integration request with PeopleHR.

  • Improve Scalability & Performance - extensive work on optimising the product performance across search, review cycles, 1:1 meetings and feedback.

  • Un-submit a self-reflection - building on previous work with review cycles, we delivered the ability for an Admin to also un-submit a self-reflection.

  • Distributing goals to many people - In the event that you want to create multiple instances of the same goal but with different owners, you can now use the goal distribution option.

  • Goal Key Result Ordering UI - when creating a goal, you can now re-order the key results as you see fit with a simple drag and drop.

  • Single Sign-On (SSO) changes - as our customers wish to sign-up and access Frankli in different ways, we delivered greater flexibility around enabling specific login criteria as part of company account sign-up.


  • Bug fixes associated with user sign-up workflow and user profile information not loading in a timely manner.

  • Improvements to the tool-tips associated with eNPS live results on the home dashboard.

  • Angular upgrade for the application

  • Overhaul of back-end reporting on how customers use Frankli.

  • Updates to how we display 1:1 meetings on smaller screens.

  • Introduced a new seamless process for request access to a private sandbox of Frankli asa prospect customer.

  • Updates to allow all Frankli notifications be routed through Slack.

  • Improvements to the Admin bulk archive workflow.

  • Improved filters and search capability within 'Team View'

  • Updates to wording and state of warning/error messages throughout specific features in the product.

  • Ongoing improvements to the mobile experience of Frankli across multiple devices.

  • Improvements to how we present sandboxes to prospect customers.

  • Introduced 'Google Meet' & 'Web Ex' as alternative locations in 1:1 meeting create.

  • Goal update enhancements

  • A small number of fixes to 1:1 meetings notes UI and some notifications associated with 1:1 meetings.

  • 1:1 analytics fixes.

  • Updates to how managers can create goals for their direct reports.

  • Split out the ability to have either Coaching or Mentoring enabled/disabled independently as a core feature.

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