New functionality

  • Connect - Mentoring 2.0 - Overhaul of design for the mentor landing page, how mentor interests and how mentoring sessions get displayed.

  • eNPS - Introduction of the ability to run eNPS directly within Frankli as an addition to existing surveys & custom surveys.

  • New Feedback UI - We overhauled all feedback channels to make the workflow and UI more conversational, easy to navigate and to engage with.

  • Linking 1:1 meetings to discuss the outcome of a review cycle - Introduction of the ability to close out an end of review cycle conversation using a dedicate view and to a set of talking points linked to 1:1 meetings.

  • Ability to change the naming conventions used for teams & departments - as no two companies are exactly the same, we extended the ability for an Admin to update how they refer to their teams and departments directly in Frankli

  • Enhanced Goal Owner visibility - we improved all notifications associated directly with goal owners on goals that are due, have changed scope or have had updates from other participants.

  • Onboarding experience - Design and delivery of a new customer onboarding journey both in product and via email reminders.

  • Goal copy & filtering - we made is easier to filter on existing active goals and copy the overall goal structure for use in a new goal.


  • Improvements and bug fixes for the Goal Admin function in Frankli.

  • Updates to 'Edit Goal' workflow and UI descriptors.

  • Bug fixes for 1:1 meetings events hanging around in Outlook calendars

  • Improvements to the Bulk Upload. workflow and validation performed on upload file.

  • Remove the 3 person limit restriction for both the 'Onboarding' & 'Exit Interview' surveys

  • Display of competencies on the coaching & mentoring dashboards

  • Introduction of better error handling for notifications throughout Frankli.

  • Improvements to the overall 'Socailise' workflow.

  • Updates to how a Manager can view feedback on their direct reports in 'Team View'

  • Introduction of the ability to extend an active 'Survey' or 'Poll' in Frankli

  • Introduction of the ability to upload external feedback directly into Frankli.

  • Improvements to closing the loop on the outcome of a review cycle using 1:1 meetings to deliver this.

  • Improvements to eNPS reporting

  • Further enhancements to response times of critical features in Frankli.

  • Further enhancement work done on our Slack Integration.

  • Improvements to the delivery times associated with emails we send our customers relating to their activity in Frankli.

  • Improvements to how we set unit variables for key results when creating new goal OKRs in Frankli.

  • Improvements to the overall experience when viewing survey results or replying to an active survey.

  • Updates and fixes to breadcrumb navigation in product.

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