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Q1 2021 Product Releases
Q1 2021 Product Releases
He aquí un resumen de las nuevas actualizaciones y correcciones de productos que hemos lanzado en el primer trimestre de 2021.
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New Functionality

  • Slack Integration - We built a new integration with Slack, allowing users to send praise via Slack and also receive all frankli notifications in Slack.

  • Review Cycle Analytics - Introducing the ability to run analytics and reporting on review cycles in product.

  • 1:1 Reporting view - delivered reporting and analytic views for 1:1 meetings in product

  • 1:1 meeting outlook calendar integration: We delivered two way communication between Frankli & the participants outlook calendar with the ability to decline, move & update calendar invitations & notify Frankli. The new functionality also offers the ability to see calendar availability when scheduling a 1:1 meeting directly in frankli.

  • A number of workflow improvements for Admins including Dashboard Goals UI, To Dos, Admin Search & team view visibility.

  • People Directory 2.0 - A new look & feel, better search & filtering capability, more links to individual social accounts, as well as introducing the ability to call people via MS teams directly from the people directory.

  • Connect - Coaching 2.0 - Overhaul of design for the coaching landing page, how coaching interests and coaching session get displayed. Introduction of a new approval workflow to action coaching requests as a manager.


  • We optimised review cycles to reduce large lag times experienced by customers running a number of active review cycles in parallel.

  • We deliver a hot-fix for an issue associated with closing off an active review cycle.

  • We deliver a fix for some users not showing correctly in the Org Chart

  • We improved the ability to filter goals views as an Admin

  • We improved the ability to distinguish between archiving and updating users as an Admin.

  • We released a number of goal related fixes and enhancements associated with Goal owners, key results and Goal Admin visibility.

  • Further improvements to load times of self-reflections as part of a Review Cycle.

  • Redesign of the question bank and overall create workflow for Review Cycles.

  • We overalled the UI design, workflow and user states of 1:1 meetings

  • Updates to notification logic and how they get displayed in product.

  • Improvements to 1:1 Analytics in terms of displaying a full calendar year of scheduled 1:1 meetings.

  • UX updates to some difficult to read colours used throughout the product.

  • Improvements to the layout of components when creating a review cycle as an Admin.

  • Introduction of more descriptive and easy to read tool-tips in primary features such as 1:1 meetings and Review Cycles.

  • Improve how we calculate & cater for decimal points in goal key results

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