A guide through the process of setting up your profile on Frankli

In this guide, we will show you how to complete the signup process so you can get yourself on Frankli as quick and easily as possible.


1. Setting a new password

2. Your location details

3. Your contact details

4. Your profile details

5. Upload your profile picture

1. Setting a new password

First you'll be asked to create a new password.

When you're finished with your password click 'Confirm Password'.

2. Your location details

Here, you will be asked for some details about your location like your home address, country and office location.

The only mandatory field here is Country, the rest are optional and can be filled out at a later date through edit profile.

When you're ready to continue, click 'Next'.

3. Your contact details

Next you’ll be asked for details on your birthday, address, office location and ways your peers can contact you.

The only mandatory field here is Preferred Contact Method, the rest are optional and can be completed at a later stage.

Again click 'Next' to continue.

4. Your profile details

Finally, you'll be asked for information that will be visible to everyone in the company through the org chart and your profile.

Write a short paragraph about yourself, upload a profile picture and select your gender.

When you're finished click 'Next'.

Note: all the information above can be changed later through Edit Profile.

What Next?

Lets now look at set-up as the first person in

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