After adding the Frankli Slack App to your Slack Workspace, before being able to use Frankli commands in Slack, you will need to connect your Frankli account to your Slack account.

How to connect your Frankli and Slack Accounts

Click on the shortcuts button in Slack

Type "Frankli" into the search box and click on "Connect your account (with Frankli)".

You should then receive a message from the Frankli Slack App.

In the message you just received click on the "Connect Frankli Account" button.

Frankli will open in a new tab, you may need to log in. You will then be brought to the following page. Click "Link Account" and your account will be linked.

You can now use the Frankli App in Slack!

"You have already linked your Frankli account"

If you see the following message then you have already completed this process and don't need to take any further actions to use the Frankli Slack App.

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