As an Admin you have the ability to create and manage a library of competencies for your company. To get started navigate to you 'Admin Dashboard > Company'.

Next you'll see a tile option entitled 'Competency Library', select this.

If you don't see the option for 'Competency Library', it means the feature is not yet enable for your company. You can enable this by going to your 'Admin Dashboard > Features'. Scroll to the bottom of the page and find the Toggle 'On/Off' for 'Competencies'

Creat a Competency

When you enter the Competency Library for the first time you will see a call to action to 'Get Started'.

You will first be asked to define a 'Category' for the competency you plan to create. Give your category a name and click the '+' button as highlighted below. 

Categories allow you to group specific competencies together. (For example grouped by roles and associated grades)

Once you have defined a category, you can begin to create a competency by defining a 'Competency Name' with the optional ability to give your competency a description. Once happy, click the button entitled 'Create Competency'. Alternatively you can opt out by clicking 'Cancel'.

Once you've created a number of categories and associated competencies you will see them displayed in Table View under 'Competency Library'. Here you will have the ability to 'Edit' and 'Delete' individual competencies.

Deleting a Category?

You can delete a category when there are no associated competencies. If there are you must first delete the competencies before proceeding to delete a particular Category.

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