When you're added to a review cycle you will be asked to complete a self reflection.
To do this navigate to 'My Evaluations' in your sidebar. Here you'll see the following view:

To answer your self reflection questions click 'Self Reflection.' You'll then see your self reflection questions as shown below:

To answer them click in the text box and type your answers. You can save your answers as drafts by clicking 'Save'.
You can then return to them later by returning to the same page.
When you are finished with your answers click 'Submit' as highlighted below:

You will then see the following pop up message:

Once you submit your reflection responses you won't be able to change them, you can only read them.
If you're sure you'd like to submit click 'OK'.
Your answers will then be submitted and able to be viewed by your manager and any frankli admins in your company. 

You can read how to view submitted reflection responses here.

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