To add people late to an existing cycle navigate to 'Admin > Review Cycles'. Here you will see all the reviews created so far. 

From here click on the three dots on the top right of the review cycle you'd like to 'edit'.

To edit the review cycle click the option entitled 'Edit' as shown above.

Alternatively you can click 'Edit Cycle' from the cycle view

To add a person click 'Add Person' as shown below:

Next search by the persons name(s) in the available search component and click the persons name to select them. Once happy with selection, hit 'Confirm' to add this Person(s) to the cycle.

When you're finished click the button entitled 'Save Changes' as shown below to save your changes. The people you add will get notified within Frankli and also via email.

Your changes won't take effect until you hit 'Save Changes'

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