To create a survey click 'Surveys' from your sidebar menu. You'll be prompted with the following page and options.

From here navigate to 'Create'. You'll then see the following view.

We currently have two pre-made surveys: The Wellbeing Survey and Onboarding Survey with more on the way. To choose one of these surveys, hover over and select which one you'd like. (In this case we are going to choose the Wellbeing Survey).

When you've selected the survey you'd like you'll then be able to change its name. You can do this by typing into the text bar, if not just click 'Next' as highlighted below.

Next you need to select who you want to receive the survey. You can search for people by typing in the search bar or filter by department  and office location. To select a person click the box next to their name as highlighted below.

When you're finished selecting people click 'Next' at the bottom of the page. 

You must select at least three people to send the survey too.

Next you can review the questions in the survey. When you've finished reviewing click 'Next' at the bottom of the screen as shown below.

Finally, you can add a custom message to your survey by typing in the text box. This message will get sent via email to all survey participants. You can also set the expiration date by choosing dates from the drop down menu. The expiration date drive reminder notifications for all users. 

When you're finished and ready to publish your survey click 'Publish Survey'.

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