To start navigate to 'Surveys' in your sidebar menu.  You'll land on the page shown below. Click 'Create' from the available options. 

Next select 'Build a survey from scratch' as highlighted below.

To get started give your survey a title and click 'Next'

Note: A survey title must have a minimum of 6 characters.  We recommend making the survey tite clear and descriptive.

Survey Question Banks
Next, choose which questions you'd like to include in your survey. 

We've created and curated a database of 95 science-based and interactive questions. The Frankli questions measure how employees feel based on 10 Key Metrics of Engagement, which we made into question bank categories.

These Metrics were identified based on research done by Frankli working with a number of independent organisational physiologists and specialists like Gallup, Deloitte, Towers-Watson, and more. 

By navigating the available categories you can see and chose the associated questions. When you select questions they will turn green. You can also search for questions by keyword in the available search bar.

When you have selected questions in a category, the number of questions chosen in that category will show up next to its name. When you've selected all of your questions click 'Next'. 

Define your Audience
Next, you'll be asked to select who you'd like to receive the survey. You can search for people using the search bar and filter by department or office locations. To select a person click the box beside their name as shown below.

When you're finished selecting who you'd like to receive your survey click 'Next' at the bottom of the page.

Preview Survey
You can preview the questions in your survey before sending, again when you're finished click 'Next' at the bottom of the page. Alternatively, clicking 'Previous' will allow you to navigate back and make amendments to both your audience and survey questions. 

Define Invite Message
Finally, you can define a message to go out with your survey by typing into the text box. The message you enter will get sent to all invited user via email. You can also set the surveys expiration date by clicking the drop down options. The expiration date drives reminder notifications to each of the survey participants. 

When you're ready for your survey to be published click 'Publish Survey.'

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