We built one to one's to give managers and their people the ability to have regular, rich conversations around workplace priorities. While we see this as a primary function anyone can create a 1:1 with a colleague in work.

Setting regular 1:1 meetings with your people provides a mechanism to facilitate conversations around performance expectations, and provide support and coaching needed when it matters most.

What to be expected

  • A 1:1 schedule that is initiated by a manager in Frankli
  • A 1:1 schedule has a defined first date and time and then a frequency for recurring 1:1s that can be daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, annually or on an individual basis. 
  • 1:1's in Frankli accommodates timezone scheduling
  • Invited participants are notified via email and in app
  • An ability to set a list of recurring talking points
  • An ability to collaborate (manger & person) on the talking points
  • 1:1 meeting agenda automatically gets confirmed within two hours of the scheduled time of meeting
  • Reminder emails are sent to both participants
  • During the active 1:1, a rich view of employee goal progress, ideas, praise and feedback are visible.
  • During the active 1:1, participants can action items, capture shared and private notes and complete the 1:1 event.
  • Once marked as complete, the next 1:1 schedule gets created. If a 1:1 isn't marked as complete you'll get an email reminder. 

At any stage, you can only be involved in 1 active or schedule 1:1 with another person. 

Here's to great conversations with your people where everything is captured and managed in one place.

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