Here's a few helpful pointers about updating a 1:1 schedule:

  • When you create the 1:1 schedule, the first meeting is automatically created for the time set. 
  • If you click into the 1:1 from the overview, you can see the list of talking points as well as the title and areas for notes.
  • You can add or remove talking points, comment on other users talking points and if it is not the first meeting, you can bump the previously un-actioned talking points from the last meeting.

Each user has an editable area for notes that the other user can see. They can also choose to add private notes for that meeting that only they can see.

Actioning Talking points

Once a 1:1 is in confirmed mode (2 hours prior to the scheduled time), you can action and un-action talking points from a schedule via the available checkbox associated with each talking point.

Talking points cannot be actioned until the meeting is confirmed.

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